Sunday, we took the boys to Scott’s Apple Orchard in Hazel Green! It was about an hour drive from home, but so worth it! I hope to make this an annual event.

After we checked in, we went to the store first and got some apple cider slushees!! They were soooo good and Kobe was a big fan! As soon as I would take it away from him, he was smacking his lips wanting more!

We chose the option to pick your own apples because we wanted the full experience, obviously! I think we were a little late in the season because all that was left to pick were the Arkansas Black Apples.

Kobe loved picking the apples (and the leaves) off of the trees, and after he saw Stetson eating them, he decided he needed to try it too! I think he favorite part was picking the apple, then throwing it on the ground.

We picked half a peck of apples, which ended up being about 12-15 apples in our bag. Then the boys had a little time to play in the sand and jump on the big bouncy apple.

When we got home, we sliced about 6 of our apples and put them in the crock pot to make some baked apples. It was so easy and tasty! All you need is butter, cinnamon, sugar, and your apples of course! We let them bake for about three hours and enjoyed them with some apple juice to go along with it!

Definitely add Scott’s Apple Orchard to your fall bucket list!! It was such a great time.

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