Hey!! I am Mallory. Wife to Micah, mom to Kobe, full time photographer, and lover of Jesus. I am an Enneagram 8 wing 7, frequent podcast listener, occasional audiobook listener (because lets be real, who has time to read when you are a work from home mom!), recently obsessed gardener and bread maker. You can consider this as a public copy of my personal diary where I will share all things about our life here in Small Town Alabama!

Micah and I got married in 2020 in my parents yard. It was the most beautiful wedding I could have ever dreamed of. We had Kobe in 2021, and finally moved into our forever home – after a whirlwind of unfortunate events – in 2023.

Here, I will share all about our life – from our fun date nights, to our weekend adventures, to our big travels, and all the things in between.